Loan Programs

Loan Programs

The Energy Right Program from Joe Wheeler EMC and TVA is designed to help you save money and gain efficiency in your home energy usage. Here’s how we can help.

New Homes Program 

One of the best ways to save money on your new home is to build one that’s energy efficient. Since a home in the energy right program controls heat loss and gain better than most homes, you can look forward to year-round savings and comfort with consistent indoor air temperatures. You’ll spend less each month on energy bills, so you can have more to spend on other things to make life more comfortable.

The benefits of building a home in the energy right program don’t just include savings on your monthly electric bill. Based on your new all-electric home’s efficiency rating, you could qualify for a rebate from Joe Wheeler EMC and TVA. Call us today at (256)552-2300 to find out if your new home qualifies for this rebate.

Heat Pump Program

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new heating-and-cooling system, now is a perfect time. The energy right Heat Pump Program can make a new electric heat pump more affordable than ever. You can even have your low monthly payments added to your electric bill and take up to 10 years to pay for your system. Call us at (256)552-2300 to find out more!

For information from TVA click HERE.

Loan applications and forms

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Download Adobe Acrobat HERE

Please fill out, print and sign these forms. 

ERS Financing Participation Agreement

Lein Acknowledgement

Loan Application



TVA eScore Program

TVA’s eScore program offers rebates for energy efficient upgrades to your home. A heat pump (HVAC) system may also be eligible for financing thru Joe Wheeler EMC and TVA’s eScore program.


To participate in the program, please register your home at Once registered, you can see what the program offers along with the approved contractors from which to choose from.

Heat Pump Financing

Be advised that the financing is for financing only and has no bearing on warranties or other aspects of the unit. To finance a heat pump, register your home at the website above and follow the directions below.

The terms for financing are:

  • 10-year maximum term
  • 7 percent interest rate
  • $ 2,500 – 15,000 loan amount

Loan approval is based on payment history with Joe Wheeler EMC (no more than four late payments allowed in the last 12 months) AND an Equifax credit check with a minimum score of 625.

If you have questions about your payment history with Joe Wheeler EMC, we will be happy to ‘pre-screen’ your account before you apply and let you know if payment history alone will cause your loan to be denied.

Once the application is received, if it is determined that an applicant has a bad debt with Joe Wheeler EMC, it will be required that the debt be cleared before we will proceed with the loan.

After the loan is approved, you may authorize the contractor you select to proceed with installation. After the installation, you will be contacted by an inspector to schedule an inspection/energy audit. The contractor will be paid upon installation approval.

Applicant must own the property where the unit is to be installed. A UCC-1 lien will be filed against the property until the loan is paid in full. ALL names that are on the deed must be on the application and correspond to the name on your electric bill. Be prepared to present a check for the UCC recording fee to the inspector at the time of inspection. This amount is based on the total cost of your unit and is usually less than $60.00.

The loan payment amount will be added to your monthly Joe Wheeler EMC billing statement as a separate line item.

Fill out the enclosed forms and return along with a copy of each applicant’s driver’s license and a recorded copy of your deed to Joe Wheeler EMC, P.O. Box 460, Trinity, AL 35673, ATTN: Heat pump loans.

For information on the status of an existing loan application or questions concerning a new loan, call 256-552-2336.